2 Phillips - Regular Bit Tips



Grabber 250PB2 2 Phillips (regular) Bit Tips

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  • 2 Phillips (regular) Bit Tipsr
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Grabber’s bit tips are precision made from high-grade tool steel for longer tool life and better performance.

In the 1930's the Phillips head screw was developed by Henry F. Phillips. The screw was originally designed for automobile manufacturers, and was first used in the late 1930's Cadillacs. The screw was designed to be driven by an automated screw driver with increasing force until it would cam out. What many people today consider a design flaw was actually a feature. Much less operator fatigue. The best of all worlds!

Grabber’s bit tips, holders and nutsetters are precision made from high-grade tool steel. Better precision means longer tool life and a sure driving experience. High-grade tool steel means Grabber’s bit tips, holders and nutsetters will perform under the most rigorous and heavy use situations.

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Manufacturer: Grabber
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