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Here at Spears Construction Supply, our mission is to provide your firm and jobsites with the best in Fasteners, Power Tools, Firestop, and supplies you can find anywhere.

We want to be your partner on your jobsites. Service and Support are our Cornerstones.

We support the best vendors in the industry to give you the best choices available for your applications. We will find whatever hard-to-find item you can imagine quickly. We are here for you!

Critical Application Solutions Guidebook

The above link is your first stop to help with products that will meet the IBC 2006 code requirements you are facing everyday on your jobs. Rest assured that you will either find what you need, or be able to contact us for the right product for your application needs.

Contact Phone Email
Kirkland Sales
Inside Sales
Jeff Williams Inside Sales   jeffw@spearsonline.com
Nick Racz Inside Sales   nickr@spearsonline.com
Noah Messex - Inside Sales   noahm@spearsonline.com
Outside Sales
Derek Spears - Outside Sales (206) 573-7841 dereks@spearsonline.com
Rick Amundson - Outside Sales (425) 239-8242 ricka@spearsonline.com
Rome Codispoti - Outside Sales (206) 492-4529 romec@spearsonline.com
Portland Sales
Inside Sales
Doug Landreth Inside Sales   dougl@spearsonline.com
Paul Tremblay Inside Sales   pault@spearsonline.com
Richard Shaputis - Inside Sales   richs@spearsonline.com
Ryan Simmons - Inside Sales   ryans@spearsonline.com
Spencer Eager - Inside Sales   spencere@spearsonline.com
Tony Jimenez Inside Sales   tonyj@spearsonline.com
Outside Sales
Andy Lawrence - Outside Sales (503) 729-5367 andyl@spearsonline.com
Chuck Johnson Outside Sales (503) 312-3070 chuckj@spearsonline.com
Darrel Johnson - Outside Sales (503) 784-5400 darrelj@spearsonline.com
Rick Spears - Outside Sales (503) 720-3320 ricks@spearsonline.com
Steve Ochiltree - Outside Sales (206) 948-7075 steveo@spearsonline.com
Additional Contacts
Accounts Payable/Receivable   accounting@spearsonline.com
Marketing   marketing@spearsonline.com
Tech Support/Speacialized Submittals   salespdx@spearsonline.com
To Place Orders Orders   orders@spearsonline.com

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